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Handy Seafood Guide

We get asked a lot of questions and rightfully so about how much do our customer need to cater for their  function, how much per person etc so we came up with a guide to help out. It sure helps me!

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Conway's Easy Prawn Receipe

Conway's green prawn cutlets are used to cook up within moments. There are hundreds of species of prawns worldwide, found in marine, brackish estuarine and even fresh waters.Standard Names: King Prawn, Tiger Prawn, School Prawn, Banana Prawn, Black Tiger Prawn, Endeavour Prawn, Bay Prawn, Royal Red Prawn.Because their meat is highly perishable, prawns are usually frozen or cooked onboard boats soon after capture. Prawns treated in this manner and defrosted properly can be some of the best available. Raw prawns are sold as ‘Green Prawns’. COOKING NOTES PRAWNS are very versatile, being suited to many cooking methods. In all cases though, remember that prawns will continue cooking after being removed from the heat, and so should be cooked only briefly...

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