Seafood Tips

Quick tips for handling your seafood order!

Here are some quick tips we've put together to help you handle your seafood safely and maintain quality in storage.

Safety and handling tips for your seafood

  • On receiving your order you should transfer all seafood into refrigerated storage
  • Fresh seafood must have a deep muscle temperature of less than 5 degrees
  • Frozen seafood should be stored at less than minus -15 degrees
  • Thawed seafood cannot be refrozen
  • According to Australian Food and Safety guidelines, all fresh seafood has a shelf life of 3 - 4 days if stored correctly
  • We recommend rinsing fresh seafood prior to use
  • Fish can bruise easily so makes sure to handle whole fish with both hands and avoid holding it by the tail.

Food handling during COVID-19

  • Remove produce from packaging
  • Store produce in your own containers, rinse if applicable
  • Place packaging in rubbish
  • Wash hands