Spring is here!

And with the arrival of spring, Conway’s has a great variety of seafood to  help celebrate the warmer weather outside.

Crabtastic Recipe

We have managed to secure a boat load of the freshest, yummiest cooked and ready to eat crab meat. So Mary from the office has a special recipe that would make a great appetiser - just the thing to start off the party.

Crab Meat Fritters:

Ingredients: (Make about 15 x 35g pieces)

·         2 x Medium Carrots Grated

·         1 x Large Onion Grated

·         1 x small red or yellow capsicum chopped.

·         1 x tomato chopped/diced

·         1 x Egg

·         1 x Crab Meat 227gm jar

·         2 x Tablespoons fresh parsley chopped.

·         2 x Tablespoons Olive Oil.

·         ¾ cup Flour plain

·         ¼ cup water

·         ½ teaspoon Salt

·         ½ teaspoon Pepper

·         ½ teaspoon Oregano


1)      In a mixing bowl add the grated carrot & onion and the chopped capsicum & tomato.

2)      Add crab meat, egg, chopped parsley, olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano, flour, and water.

3)      Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

4)      Should be a nice thick batter which just covers the ingredients.

5)      Place in Fridge and for 15 minutes.

6)      In a pan heat light frying oil to temperature.

7)      Take a tablespoon full of the mixture and drop into the pan.

8)      It takes around 1-2 minutes to fry and obtain a golden colour and flip it over to fry the other side.

9)      When ready place on a place with kitchen towel so that the excess oil has been withdrawn from the Crab Meat Fritter.

10)  When frying is complete, you can plate up and serve with a tartare sauce or mayonnaise and salad.


Australian Prawns

Warmer weather = delicious prawns and right now, Conway’s has scored an incredible deal from the local fishermen. Prices are ridiculously low, so come on in or order on line and take advantage of these prices.

Australian Crayfish

The Crayzy prices continue in store for these little gems! So why not impress your guests with with these crays and make them the centre piece of your Summer BBQ!

With Melbourne in the midst of footy finals excitement, why not host a celebration ( or in our case commiserations as the Doggies didn't make to the finals) at home and take advantage of the warmer weather, good friendships, good wine and most importantly great Australian seafood from Conway's.


You can order on line for delivery straight to your door (minimum order $175 plus shipping fees) or alternatively order on line to pick up in store (fees apply) OR just visit us at our store 21 Wingfield Street, Footscray

And if you are visiting us, check out our Hot Fish shop serving up traditional fish and chips or healthy grilled seafood meals. Or order on line to pick up in store.

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