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Living Future Expo.

Conway Fish Trading is proud to be part of the imitative created by City Of Maribyrnong. "The inaugural Living Future Expo in Maribyrnong hosted by Council this June promises to be a bonafide celebration of sustainability in action. Scheduled to coincide with International Bike Day on 3 June and World Environment Day on 5 June, the Living Future Expo aims to inspire and empower individuals to embrace sustainable practices in their daily lives. With a focus on eco-conscious living and innovation, the Expo will showcase a range of Council initiatives, community exhibits, workshops, and interactive experiences designed to educate and motivate attendees. From eco-friendly transportation solutions to strategies on how to become more self-sufficient in your own backyard, the Expo...

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Australian Christmas - A crustacean celebration!

Get ready to feast this Christmas! Conway Fish has been hard at work for the last six months, sourcing the freshest Australian seafood from all over the country. Prawns, crayfish and oyster supplies are assured, whilst fish such as snappers, barramundi and salmon are constantly restocked - boat loads in fact. We have a wide range of party lines, featuring delicious Tasmanian Pies, crispy samosas, and succulent gyozas, prawn cones, mini dims, salt and pepper calamari and so forth. We also have a variety of ready-to-bake Greek pies and sausages roll perfect for any gathering. For the little ones, we offer crispy fish fingers that are sure to be a hit. And that’s just the start – explore our extensive...

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