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Warm up to seafood during the cold months.

In Australia when we think of seafood we think of special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. However, the recommended serving for seafood is twice a week, including and particularly during the winter months. Particularly because  during the colder weather there is the high likelihood of catching colds and flu, and having seafood as part of a healthy diet is very beneficial in developing  a strong immune response. I am sure most of you are aware that seafood contains all the necessary nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B2 and D so why not include seafood as part of your weekly meal plan. Here at Conway Fish, we serve up the very popular, hot steamy seafood chowder at Hot Fish...

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Autumn Seafood Dishes

The evening chill is in the air, the burn off haze as well while the excitement of having footy is back - Melbourne is at her best during the Autumn season and Conway's also has a wonderful array of seafood available. Mussels from both Peninsulas are the best in years as well garfish, flounder and flathead. Autumn menu planning calls  for warmer dishes, rustic seafood dishes - think creamy seafood pie, hearty fish soup or the ever popular mussel stews.   MUSSELS are juicy and have a great 'sea flavour'. The edible portion is the muscle within the shell and it take very little time to cook. As soon as they open, remove from the heat to prevent the meat from shrivelling and...

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Cray-zy price

Get your King Island Crayfish from as low as $50 each! Get in early and freeze for Christmas. Market prices may vary in the final days leading to Christmas

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