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Lock Down your Grand Final Seafood with Conway’s

Get the party started with Good Old Australian Seafood! G.F Seafood Pack - 2 doz Tassie Oysters, 2 kilos Aussie King Prawns, 250 gm Salmon Gravalax , 380 ml Marinated Mussel , 380 ml Marinated Calamar, Seafood sauce and a 750ml Swan Bay Pinot Grigio Wine. All for $195. Order on line and we can deliver to your door. Conditions apply. Proud Bulldog supporters and sponsors. Go Dogs!                                Special Promo - Use “Go Dogs” for 5 % off all Fresh On Line Orders. Offer ends Tuesday 21st September Demon supporters are also welcomed 😂 NOW DELIVERING VICTORIA WIDE.

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Oh the weather outside is frightful ....

Winter has definitely arrived and with it another isolation period, number 5 from time of writing. But here at Conway's we are busy stocking up with the best selection of seafood to drive away the winter blues and ward off all those nasty colds and viruses  circulating Melbourne at the moment. Seafood is nature's best form of defense as it contains all the nutrients essential to build up a strong immune system - iron, zinc, and vitamin E as well as the all important heart friendly omega - 3 fatty acids.  We have a recipe containing all our favourite seafood, tossed in a tomato base soup, with a splash of ouzo and wine - what more can we ask for on a...

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Seafood Tips

  HOW TO BUY SEAFOOD…  Fresh seafood has a minimum shelf life of 2 – 5 days in the fridge…  The most important advice is to buy your seafood from a reputable retailer… Conway Fish Trading of course!!!  Smell – Seafood generally should have a fragrant clean “smell of the sea” aroma. Spoilt seafood has an almost fruity odour and some species an ammonia smell. Throw away anything that has a pungent, unnatural odour.  Appearance – Seafood in general should be visually in good condition (without any physical damage or bruising) and have that “just caught look”. The flesh should look moist and firm and should have a natural colour ad some seafood have a natural protective slime. This protective...

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