Hosting an Easter Sunday Luncheon?

Planning is the key to hosting the perfect Easter Sunday Lunch.

  • Consider your budget and space where you will host your luncheon. Hopefully we will have a sunny Sunday afternoon in Melbourne. China plates, Belgium linen cloth or plastic cutlery and that funky, plastic table cloth from Dimmi's? All important party items to consider.

  • Presentation is important and Australian Seafood has an abundance of colourful inspiration to draw on for a theme for your luncheon. Consider the gorgeous red, orange colours of Tasmanian cooked crayfish. Don't forget an abundance and array of chocolate Easter eggs dotted throughout your room.

  • Provide a balanced menu, usually 6 to 8 items of food - Oysters, Asian style mussels, pan seared, garlic butter scallops followed by a baked whole Snapper, salads and of course to follow with a chocolate tart for dessert.

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