Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is celebrated as a romantic occasion for couples to express their love for one another and lobsters are considered as the most romantic animal of all.


Its a well known fact that lobsters mate for life a feat we humans can only aspire to achieve - such level of devotion and loyalty.

Here at Conway's we believe our Lobster's Lover's Pack has all  the right accouterments to create the most romantic dinner at home.  This seafood pack, we think captures the devotion and love of the lobster to its mate. Crayfish, prawns and oysters including smoked salmon and our very own cocktail sauce as well a Swan Bay wine. Can it get more romantic than this?

Oysters, as everyone knows is a natural aphrodisiac - why you ask? Because of the high levels of zinc found naturally in oysters and high levels of zinc is associated with high levels of testosterone ( you get the idea). Oysters also contain the presence of tyrosine which is known to heighten levels of dopamine or the feel good hormone contributing to increase of libido.

And at Conway's we have the best and freshest oysters going around. We have a mix of Tasmanian and South Australian Pacific oysters.

So go on line and order for delivery or click and collect in store it is as simple as that and have a yourself a very romantic, thoughtful dinner at home to show your partner just how much you care for them.

Happy Valentine to you all with a partner or not - enjoy!


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