Conway's celebrating Father's Day

Let’s start planning now for the special man in your life. Have you thought of sharing the joy of seafood with Dad? We can help with all your party needs. Just pop in to our Footscray store or go on line and we can deliver straight to your home.

Available fresh now are the perennial favorites crayfish, prawns and oysters. These treats from the sea always put a smile on Dad's face and are very simple to prepare and present on the table. 

Or consider barramundi fillets that cook up a treat on the BBQ. Australian barramundi fillets or even whole barramudi are just so simple to prepare and cook on the BBQ and is a very economical cut of fish that can feed a large family. Team up with our Queensland scallops or Mornington Peninsula mussels and you can have a fabulous meal in a relative short period of time. There's nothing more wonderful than celebrating Father's Day with family, friends, amazing Australian Seafood and of course that special man in our lives.

Con Goulas, owner and operator of Conway Fish Trading since 1969 and he wishes everyone a very Happy Father's Day. Pictured here with a scaled and gutted whole barramundi.


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