Green Lip Abalone  Australia
Green Lip Abalone  Australia

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Green Lip Abalone Australia

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Abaalone Greenlip in Shell

This exotic, meaty beauty is highly regarded in most cuisines particularly  in the Asian market. 

The meat absorbs flavours well during cooking and is usually paired with simple flavours such as pan-frying in butter and parsley with a squeeze of lemon, or braising in oyster sauce with garlic and ginger. Steam, poach, pan-fry, stir-fry, barbecue, braise. The cleaned shell can be used as a cooking vessel, especially if steaming, and as a serving vessel.

The Greenlip Abalone is derived from the abalone species haliotis laevigata and haliotis rubra, which are uniquely indigenous to Southern Australia.

All Yumbah abalone are hand-harvested then snap frozen, shipped live or processed into cans and retort packs.