Crayfish Whole Cooked


Crayfish Whole Cooked

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Daily delivery of Crayfish from King Island direct into Conway Tanks

Crayfish flesh is firm, with a sweet medium and rich taste; it retains its shape in most styles of cooking. These crustaceans are found in caves, holes and reefs in all Australian waters.

Poached, baked or barbecued, grilled, steamed or sliced for sashimi, crayfish make an excellent seafood dish. However, guard against over-cooking or the meat will become tough and leathery. Crayfish make excellent presentation so way not make it the centrepiece on your festive table.

How we deliver your crayfish..

Price is based on fixed weight of 600 grams minimum per cray. Price is fixed regardless if your cray weighs more (never less). We cut in half for your convenience. 

Please note

Due to the fact that Crayfish are wildly caught, we cannot guarantee the size of your Crayfish  and may vary in size. If not available, the weight of the purchase will be substituted to equal  the desired order placed.

Due to transport logistics, live crays might not make it to your door live but nevertheless can be cooked by you.